Immersive Combat

Immersive Combat

Welcome to Immersive Combat – an award-winning original content series by Spherica. It is a unique interconnected virtual universe where cinematic VR is the key component. Everything here is made to deliver the most amazing experience, to teleport you to new realms and fantasy worlds, to kickstart your imagination by putting you into the virtual world that was not CG created but produced with full cinematic power and grandeur to the maximum extent of realism. The passion for detail will make you feel and believe every step of this epic VR journey – as if you are physically there.

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Explore new realms and fantasy worlds in Immersive Combat where the key word is cinematic VR. This award-winning, interconnected virtual universe is not CG generated - it is filmed with the same production values as movies: with stunts, costumes, amazing locations and spectacular action.

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Immersive combat: Season One

1 / 6
TESLA PUNK An android and a steampunk assassin. Swords versus Kung Fu. Only one can win.
MONDO A martial arts dance. Poise and precision. Mystery and power. Beautiful – and deadly?
THE GUARDIAN’S VOW A knightly combat with sword and lance – and dark magic. The stuff of legend.
BLOOD VENGEANCE A duel to the death between medieval knights. But one warrior is not what he seems.
VALKYRIE'S CHOICE Vikings fighting Vikings. Stolen treasure and bloody revenge. The crows will feast well tonight
MARITIME MASSACRE Don’t steal from a pirate – unless you want your ship boarded by murderous cutthroats.