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Spherica VR Studio is a professional team of VR experts who have been constantly pushing the industry forward with every single VR project produced.

Spherica has executed numerous VR projects for its high-profile clients in a wide range of genres, from documentary and music to film and sports. We provide a full range of services: creative development, project management, 360 VR capturing, post production.

Our work will amaze you; our passion for perfection and attention to detail is seen in everything we do.


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Our Services


From experimental projects to complex Hollywood film productions - we empower visionaries, cinematographers and brands with unique tools, consistently raising the bar of what's possible in VR.

Post Production

We provide full-scale end to end post production services. Our team of award-winning graphic designers and artists is capable of handling all of your postproduction needs and beyond.


" Immersive Combat takes advantage of medium by having its audience feel the sensation of flying over battleships in the open sea and witness the action unfold with stunts performed by world champions in Kung Fu, Muay Thai and Medieval Combat. "


" The live-action 360 video portion was shot on the Westworld set using a custom 360 camera rig and gyro stabilization system made by Spherica, and the piece was directed by Michelle MacLaren. "


" HBO premiered a VR experience for their new Westworld series at TechCrunch Disrupt, and they used Spherica’s camera stabilization technology in order to pull off an extended live-action tracking shot in VR. "

Voices of VR

" The company accomplishes this through proprietary camera stabilization — essentially the same sort of gyroscopic hardware that makes the DJI OSMO line so smooth. "


" I was pretty skeptical that I’ll be able to see tracking shots within 360 degree videos that would be comfortable, but I can say that the technology that Spherica has developed is really solid. They’re able to stabilize the camera that makes a huge difference. "

Kent Buy, Voices of VR

" When filming for VR, moving the camera can quickly lead to visual discomfort. With Spherica’s hardware-stabilized 360 camera
rig however, the shifting horizon can be
eliminated. "

Road to VR

" Spherica’s hardware-stabilized rig makes VR camera movement more practical. Such effective stabilization could mean more camera mobility for VR film directors who have had to adapt to totally static camera placements. "

Road to VR

" Collaborating with companies at the forefront of virtual reality helps us better understand how it’s evolving and better create industry-leading content for our customers. "

The Associated Press
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